Vir•tu•al As•sis•tant

A fairly new concept introduced into the business world, a Virtual Assistant, AKA a VA, is there to help you with tasks that you just don’t have the time to do. The best part? They work from their own office space, with only hours that you need them to work, and only the tasks that you delegate to them.

If you only need to hire Hashtag Virtual for two or three hours a week, that’s great! If you need us for twenty hours a week, that works too! Forty hours? Perfect! With the flexibility you’re provided, you’re able to choose the best package for you, allowing you to stay focused on the important tasks of running your business.

Hashtag Virtual eliminates the need for casual or seasonal workers. Even hiring a VA full time will save on statutory holiday, benefit, and vacation pay costs. You work hard on your business, take a load off and let Hashtag Virtual work hard for you too.

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What #Virtual Provides

For the person with items on their task list but no time to do them. For the person that just started their own business and is maxed out with things to do. For the Entrepreneur. This comprehensive list of services that Hashtag Virtual can provide is for you.

With the freedom to choose only the tasks that you need and the ability to choose how many hours you require, you will be able to find the right package just for you. Hire and delegate only exactly what you don’t have time to do.

The list goes on, if you don’t see the service here that you are looking for, please inquire further!

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Event Coordination

• Site Research

• Quotes

• Scheduling and Confirmation

• Guest List

• Invitations

• Possible Onsite Services

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Client Management

• Schedule Appointments and Meetings

• Client Follow-ups

• CRM Implementation and Maintenance

• Competitor Pricing

• Thank you’s

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• Job Descriptions

• Job Postings

• Pre-Screening

• Phone Interviews



• Accounts Receivable

• Accounts Payable

• Payroll


Personal Tasks

• Gift and Card Sending

• Online Shopping

• Planning and Coordination of Schedule

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• Travel Arrangements

• Proofreading

• Invoicing

• Expense Entry

• Calendar Management / To-Do Lists

• Transcription

• Business Process creation

• Meeting Agendas

• Data Entry

• Note Typing

• Word Processing

• Social Media Management

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About Me

Brianna Clayton is the woman behind Hashtag Virtual. This passionate, caring, cat-loving woman decided to change careers when she realized her work-life balance was not what she wanted it to be. The 9-5 life wasn’t for her. So, she took her passion to help people, and her idea of a work-life balance, and created Hashtag Virtual.

Brianna spent the last five years in a role that required her to do admin work, payroll, benefit coordination, HR, sales, and the list goes on. Knowledge she gained from this role, her education in gaining her Business Admin Degree, and the organizational and communication skills she brings to the table are perfect for helping other companies strive.

Born and raised in Alberta, she has a deep understanding of business in both Canada and the United States and is always learning more. When you hire Hashtag Virtual for your Virtual Assistant needs, you’re hiring someone with experience, knowledge, and passion; the best combination to have when running a successful business.


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