How can a Virtual Assistant help your business?

Welcome to Hashtag Virtual. If you’re here, you’re probably considering outsourcing some of the tasks in your business. However, do you know where to start? Do you know what a Virtual Assistant is able to do? Do you know what a Virtual Assistant is? How much will it cost you? Let’s answer those questions for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Every office has an administrative assistant of some form. In a way, a Virtual Assistant, or VA, is the same as an administrative assistant. With the ability to help you with the tasks that you don’t have time to do, including data entry, recruiting, basic bookkeeping, and more, a VA saves you valuable time. In addition, a VA works from their own office, with their own computer and office supplies, saving you office space and money.

The best part? A VA is a contractor, not an employee. That means no benefits, no paid vacation, no statutory holidays, and we only work the hours that you deem necessary. In addition, a Virtual Assistant eliminates the need for seasonal employees or casual employees.

What can a Virtual Assistant do?

There are many tasks that you can outsource to a VA, it’s all about what you are comfortable with and what you think you can outsource. These tasks include, but are not limited to:

Administrative tasks such as travel arrangements, calendar management, business process creation, word processing, and social media management

  • Personal Tasks

  • Bookkeeping

  • Recruiting

  • Client management

  • Event coordination

  • Lead generation

  • Website design

Don’t see the task here that you’re looking for? Just ask! Many Virtual Assistants don’t list all their services on their website and are open to learning different tasks as well.


What does a Virtual Assistant Cost?

That’s a hard one – the cost of a Virtual Assistant varies depending on the VA’s skill set and experience as well as the number of hours you commit to in a week or in a month. Some VAs strictly invoice using an hourly rate, some have project rates, and some have package deals; however, most have a mixture of the three. The best way to find out the cost is to approach a VA and discuss your needs so that they can give you the most accurate pricing as possible.

Where do I start?

I’ve convinced you, haven’t I? Save time, save money, and focus once again on the core of your business! But how do you start? Where do you look? There are a few associations with many members, including the International Virtual Assistant Association (IVAA) and the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA), I’d suggest beginning your search there. You can post a request for proposal and have VAs come to you, or you can search the database of qualified, educated members and reach out to them. There are also a few Virtual Assistant Facebook groups that have qualified candidates, and I’m sure if you looked locally, you may be able to find one or two!

Once you find a couple VAs, hold a discovery call or video call with them to discuss what you’re looking for and what you are hoping to get from outsourcing. Be very specific so they are able to properly quote you. You’ll receive your pricing and then you’ll be able to choose a VA. Remember that all VAs are not equal which is why not all pricing is equal. Make sure that you can not only afford the VA, but you click with them as well. That’s so important as you will most likely be working with them daily.