Would you rather spend your time doing “all the things” or spend your time doing things that keep your income flowing?  

My guess is that spending 2, 4, or 6 hours a day doing “tasks” isn’t what offers you the highest return, especially when time is money.  

With the growing online space of coaches, e-commerce, and busy MLM teams, it only makes the most sense to hire an Online Business Manager.  

What is an Online Business Manager?  

In short, consider me as the ONE STOP - GO TO for connecting all of the “dots” to your business.  Maybe you have a small team to delegate tasks to, maybe you work with several virtual assistants and it’s a chore to keep everyone organized, maybe it’s the customer service to your clients that takes up all your time, or even filtering out spam vs. relevant emails.  

If you were in an office, you’d likely have someone in charge, right?  

Of course you would! 

Why? Because you need someone that will be held accountable and in charge, other than yourself.  

With several years of executive level administrative experience under my belt, I am proud to be able to offer you services that relieve you from the overwhelm, and allow you to focus on the parts in your business that matter most (income, growth, and your existing clients). 

To find out more information about the different size businesses I serve, CLICK HERE and take a look at the 3 packages I offer.  There is one for every level of business, no matter where you’re at.  

If you’re a coach and are wanting to plan out a retreat for 2020 or 2021, I am currently accepting applications for complete planning packages for that as well. CLICK HERE for more information or to apply.